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Michael S. Fedele, CPA, has served more than 50,000 clients over 40 years and collectively saved them over $300 million.


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Experience, Knowledge, Empathy, Trust, SUCCESS


Founder, Michael S. Fedele, has been a CPA since 1988 and an accountant for over 40 years. He is a former vice president of Finance for a large trucking firm, and has been Controller for multiple construction companies throughout the Chicago area.

In addition, Fedele has previously worked with two of the largest international CPA firms. First as a Tax Consultant for Ernst and Whinney (now Ernst and Young) in New York, and then as a Financial Auditor with Price Waterhouse (now PricewaterhouseCoopers) in New Jersey. Mike was also a Fraud Auditor with Price Waterhouse where he successfully identified fraud in numerous cases in NYC.

Fedele has built a reputation for going the extra mile for all his clients that consistently delivers maximum results, which is evident by the numerous client testimonials showcased below.


Building on his corporate success and to better serve his clients, Mike branched out on his own to form Fedele and Associates in 1996. Centrally located in Chicago, IL, Fedele and Associates provides income tax preparation services and tax strategies for individuals as well as for public and privately held companies of all sizes in a host of industries, including construction, retail, real estate, media, healthcare and manufacturing. Our practice provides premium services that delivers results for our clients, which include auditing, accounting, taxation, fraud investigation and special projects.

In addition to his work at our practice, Fedele is also an accounting and auditing instructor at Purdue University and is a public speaker on various accounting, business and auditing issues of interest.

Fedele has also been a dedicated and passionate runner and fitness enthusiast for over 40 years. In 2001 at the age of 39 he ran the Chicago Marathon in 3:04. He will bring this same passion and commitment to all of your business and personal financial needs.

Fedele and Associates is a Leader Among Small Tax Service and Accounting Firms—Dedicated to Delivering Maximum Results for Our Clients.

Michael S. Fedele

With over 40 years of collective experience
Fedele and Associates has the know-how to get your work done right.

Whatever tax or financial issue you may be facing,
we're here to help.

Tax Debt

We have years of experience and success in reducing and eliminating tax debt.

IRS Issues

We’ll deal with the IRS so you don’t have to.

Financial Strategy

Let us reduce your tax burden and maximize your income.

Business Services

New or old we can help make sense of your business’s financial situation.

Liens and Levis

The IRS uses liens and levies to try and squeeze every cent out of you. Let us free you from their grip over your financial freedom.

Penalty Abatement

IRS penalties can be harsh. Don’t let them add up. Fedele and Associates can often reduce or eliminate IRS penalties.

Unfiled Taxes Returns

Don’t keep putting off missed tax returns until the IRS is on your doorstep: Let Fedele and Associates fix the problem now.


Significantly reduce the amount of your tax debt with an Offer-In-Compromise. Our success rate for OICs is 90% while the average is only 33%.

Business Startup

Starting a new business takes a lot of work. We can ease your burden and save you on taxes handling paperwork necessary for your business.


We can prepare your audit thoroughly. Just let us take care of it and you’re free from the worry of a financial or tax audit.

Financial Statements

Why fret over the number when Fedele and Associates can do them right, and save you time and money on your financial statements.


Managing your payroll is a hassle you don’t need. Especially when we have experts who can get it done right and on time for you.

Business Consulting

Is your business slowing down or growing? Are you getting crushed in taxes or are your books off balance? Let us be your guide.

Periodic Accounting

Keep Fedele and Associates on call for when you need to get your necessary financial work done. We stick with our clients through thick and thin.


Open up new opportunities with a business certification. We’ve got the experience to manage the intensive certification process for you.

Financial Planning

Free yourself from money worries by planning your financial future now. We have the expertise to change your financial life.

Fraud Investigation

Have you been the victim of fraud? Banks and the IRS won’t always be sympathetic. We’ll investigate and help you clear your name.

Wealth Maximization

With the right planning and expertise your money will always have room to grow. We have the knowledge and skills to help you build your wealth.

Financial Research

No matter how complex the task Fedele and Associates will research what needs to be done to solve the problem for you.

And much more…

Fedele and Associates is ready to solve any IRS, Financial, or Business issue you may have. Whatever the problem, we’re here to help.

Three reasons to choose Fedele and Associates


With over 40 years under one roof, Fedele and Associates has the knowledge, intuitive skills and long-term success necessary to solve the toughest tax and accounting cases.


We treat our clients like family. Always courteous and caring, Fedele and Associates provides exceptional service at a reasonable price. Unlike other big name firms, our first priority is customer satisfaction.


Fedele and Associates has a record of success unrivalled by most other firms. Our 90% OIC success rate trumps the national average of 30%. But that’s just one example, take a look below to see just a few of our success stories.

Success Stories

Fedele and Associates can help you save BIG! But don’t take our word for it—Click on the video testimonies below to hear what some of our clients have to say about us.

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What They’re Saying

Mike is a very balanced person, putting great emphasis on body, soul, and spirit. Mike has continuously proven himself to me to be a man of the highest integrity.


Mr. Fedele is a very good and loyal professional who takes great pride in his work. He is capable of handling multiple tasks and jobs with accuracy and understanding.


I have come to hold Mike in the highest esteem for his professionalism, work ethic, and integrity. The quality of his accounting ork is beyond reproach.


It was my personal and professional pleasure in dealing with Mike Fedele. His knowledge of accounting and regulation were unsurpassed by any of my dealings with CPAs. His knowledge and ethics in public accounting are first class.

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